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Absolutely Free is a trio based in Toronto. The group formulates musical experiments based on instrumentation, compositional structure and other formal qualities ubiquitous to popular rock music. Following years of touring and releasing albums with defunct art punk band DD/MM/YYYY, the members of Absolutely Free set out to create a more hypnotic, patient music that integrates analog electronics, African polyrhythms, psychedelia, Bollywood and Krautrock.

Having released a series of well received singles, UFO/Glass Tassel (2012) and On The Beach/Clothed Woman, Sitting (2013), Absolutely Free entered the studio with producer Mike Haliechuk (Fucked Up, Austra) and set out for an ambitious debut, melding elements of their favourite rock & contemporary records spanning the last several decades. While their singles served as brief introductions to their sound spectrum, Absolutely Free. is a proper introduction and perfect example of their ability to hone a diverse spectrum while maintaining a unified narrative. The result displays fragments of Phil Spector, Kraftwerk, Terry Riley, Gang of Four & modern neo-psychedelia.

Absolutely Free have played festivals such as Le Guess Who, Villette Sonique, SXSW, NXNE, Pop Montreal and CMJ. They've performed with the likes of Beak, Dan Deacon, Metz and toured EU with Youth Lagoon.

They are currently working on a feature length film score, commissioned remixes, and the third installment in their singles series.

The song [U.F.O] reaches optimal zone-out potential before introducing its winsome, wandering melody. That sense of idyll, however is dramatically upended by an urgent chorus whose heart-racing tribal percussion infects the song for its duration, leading to a mercilessly cacophonous conclusion. - Pitchfork Media (UFO Track Review) *Best New Track

"On the Beach", may showcase their ever-evolving facility for grandiose, percussive psychedelic pop, but the flip, "Clothed Woman, Sitting" is even more audacious. It's like an entire day condensed into 12 inches: pulsating analog-synth tones summon the first rays of the morning while an emergent motorik bedtrack mimics the daydream-inducing locomotive hum of a subway commute downtown, before a calamitous, machine-gunned climax rudely thrusts us into the concrete-encased chaos of the urban jungle. - Pitchfork Media (Clothed Woman, Sitting Track Review)

As Absolutely Free they still make complex, time signature-shifting music, but this was less manic, less skronky with decidedly groovier rhythms. (For me, that's a definitely an "Oh Yeah.") I don't think we've got a full picture of what these guys are capable of. - Brooklyn Vegan

Neo-psychedelia and techno-based krautrock have definitely made friends on this cut from these Torontonians. Sounds like Wayne Coyne sitting down at the computer with Kraftwerk, and then they all do their thing. - Alan Cross

Watch out for the next time these guys play a show, because they are an absolute revelation live. - Exclaim!






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