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Gentleman Reg has been performing in Canada since the turn of the millennium, garnering attention for his two acclaimed full-lengths, 2002's Make Me Pretty and 2004's Darby & Joan. With a voice from the heavens and an unforgettable look, Gentleman Reg is set to make his U.S. debut in early 2009 on Arts & Crafts with the release of Jet Black. Gentleman Reg has made fans of some of Canada's best talent, performing and touring with such acts as Tegan and Sara, Broken Social Scene, Stars and The Hidden Cameras. In the U.S., Gentleman Reg is best known for being featured in the 2006 John Cameron Mitchell movie, "Short Bus", in which he made a brief cameo and contributed to the films soundtrack. Little Buildings is an official introduction to the music from Gentleman Reg with a collection of some of his finest work from his previously released full-lengths, as well as one never before released track, entitled 'Something To Live For,' from the Darby & Joan recordings.

"Gentleman Reg's name represents truth in one around is more of a gentleman, and no one could ever be Reg but Reg...a truly unique, funny, romantic, melancholy, delicious person...who makes truly unique, funny, romantic, melancholy, delicious music." - Torquil Campbell, Stars

"I started playing music with Reg in grade 12 after Jamie Thompson (who went on to drum for the unicorns and Islands) told me his friend Reg was looking for a bass player. It was the first band I ever played bass in; back then we were called "Gentleman Reg and the Stealthcats." Reg wrote songs with a lot of big wide-open strummy chords that left a lot of room to move around in.

His songs were really earnest. I admired his writing as the songs he was coming up with were different from other people that I was familiar with and he always seemed to have a handful of new ones to work on as well. I appreciated his dedication to his song writing. We played quite a bit around Guelph. The Delhi Rec. Centre, Van Gough's Ear, The Albion and the Trasheteria. I also played my first show in Toronto with Reg at the 360 and I remember we ran out of gas on the way home.

Its reassuring to me that Reg is still being creative and at it 12 years later and it feels good to know that one of my first musical comrades is being celebrated now for his great talent and art." -Timothy Kingsbury, Arcade Fire

"If beauty had a voice it would be the voice of Gentleman Reg". - Daniel MacIvor, award-winning play-write/director

Things I know about Gentleman Reg:

Gentleman Reg eats healthy food. He's a good person to talk to when I have a broken heart. He sings beautiful songs; some make me do the Snoopy dance. It's time the world discovers him!" - Sook-Yin Lee, Star of the film 'Short Bus'

"Kevin Drew (of Broken Social Scene) invited the both of us to play as guests at a Broken Social Scene show at the Phoenix (in Toronto) in late 2003. We played the fab clap-along 'Give Me The Chance To Fall' from the Make Me Pretty LP, and also an unreleased, at that time, song called 'It's Not Safe'. Now I was already a fan of Reg's, but it was this song that really turned my head. It was such an exciting rocker to play live on stage. A hit for sure! Reg eventually asked me to lend a bit of guitar to the recording and I think I jumped on stage a couple more times in the future to add to the rocking! I was more than happy to be part of that track and that album. As for Jet Black, it sounds even better. Although sadly and shockingly, I did not take part in the recording of this new LP, I'm sure it'll still keep the fans happy and kick down new doors...even without my genius guitar." - Jay Ferguson, Sloan

"All the songs on Jet Black have channeled deep into my brain, especially, "You Can't Get It Back", which has become a dance party favorite on our tour bus. Sincere and memorable, the melodies and lyrics make this a front runner for most exciting record of the year (on my ipod)." - Sara Quin, Tegan & Sara






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