Los Campesinos!
The International Tweexcore Underground

ACX012 | Tuesday November 27th, 2007

Los Campesinos! offer us an early preview of what's to come in 2008 with their first concept single, The International Tweexcore Underground. Together with it's superb b-sides, it forms a narrative package fit for Los Campesinos! anticipated comeback. ��

Who better to explain the rhyme and/or reason behind their conceptual thinking than the band themselves... ��

"The A-Side of this disc is the afore mentioned track, which, in short, is a story of a friendship of two opposites and how they are in the best band in the world, one embracing things that are, shall we say (and you would almost definitely say) 'twee' (yuck) and the other embracing music that is... not so. ��

This led us to the genius idea of creating a B-side for both of these people, and covering songs that each in turn would like by musicians that are name-checked in the song. You must understand that this is a decision based on art, and not on us being too rubbish to write our own B-sides. So, now we have LC! playing the Amelia Fletcher/Calvin Johnson duet of Heavenly track 'C Is The Heavenly Option' and on the other hand LC! stick it to the man with our rendition of Black Flag?s 'Police Story'. Pretty Rad huh? ��

And so, the concept single is born (yeh, it's ALL down to us) and a new generation of Henry Rollins fans will want us killed. Sweet thing. ��

Love and punk,
Los Campesinos!"


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