The Dears
Gang Of Losers

AC020 | Tuesday October 3rd, 2006
CD | DD | 2xLP

In the late nineties, The Dears were an unconfirmed rumour of ardour; full of possibility; propelled by passion, alienation, and alcohol. By 2001, they ceased to be a rumour; they were real and dark. The NME named The Dears as �Probably the Best New Band in the World.� Gang of Losers is at once a classic Dears album and a bold step forward. It moves from grinding guitar solos to ethereal vocals, pre-occupied with the themes of ostracization, social class and indie rock cool. The album features the seductive fusion of frontman Murray Lightburn�s onstage vocal range and studio precision. We need these songs: if only to counter the world�s indifference, and soothe the inner loser that thrives on all our worst fears.


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